Zumba and the Other Ways I Prove My Lack of Coordination

by SimplySharpe on June 27, 2013

I want to be one of those women who love Zumba; I really do. I think it’s highly unlikely though. I took my second class tonight, hoping that the first time I took it–and sucked–was a fluke because I was pregnant and didn’t know it yet. Not so much. Turns out I can suck at Zumba pretty much anytime I take it.

Good to know.

Thank you, Zumba

I liked that the class was all different types, sizes and ages. This helped me not feel like a complete idiot when the only moves I seemed to get right were something that strangely resembled a Hitler salute, riding the pony (people from South FL will always know this one), and something that can only be described as twerking. I don’t want to go down the path of explaining why I know what twerking is, but Google Miley Cyrus and it will all be clear.

I feel good that I added two extra days of working out this week in addition to Couch to 5K Week 6. One was revisiting Workout Barbie’s house of pain and then Zumba tonight. Other than that, I seemed to be on a mission to prove an overall lack of coordination this week.

First up, closing restroom doors:

Yeah, you really wouldn’t think this would challenge me, but in a visit to the hotel where my Dad had a layover this week, I managed to slam the door of the lobby ladies room on the middle of my arm. I have a quarter size bruise that thankfully is closer to the inside of my arm than the forearm, but still…how hard is it to close a door and not bruise your own body?

And if ladies room doors did not elude me this week, we have example number two: sitting at the desk of my PT job.

Yeah, this should also be a relatively simple thing to master. Not for me.

I was sitting in one of the same two seats I have been occupying for about seven months now, just doing my job, when I felt a stabbing pain in the middle of my foot and had to look down to make sure blood was not gushing out. I got up to greet a patient and caught my foot on the bottom corner of the desk drawer. It felt like my foot was caught on a hook. I could see my vein bursting with a small bit of blood forming at the top, but nothing that distracted me from smiling and completing the task before realizing just how much it hurt. SO. VERY. MUCH.

I did manage to write this post with no injury, so that’s good. I think I need to spend the weekend cuddled up with a good book, on the couch, out of harms way. Hubby has suggested moving the coffee table because of sharp edges. That’s love, folks.

How was everyone else’s week? Anyone else new to Zumba and not feel the immediate love everyone on Facebook talks about? How many times do you have to Zumba to feel like you are actually moving the same body parts at the same time as the instructor? It does get better, right?




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Wilma G. Robles November 14, 2013 at 9:17 am

And of course wonderful wonderful zumba. Apart from just loving the music and dance, I’ve met so many wonderful people. I feel so lucky to be doing something I love and sharing it with so many people. Yes, there have been some setbacks – not all my classes have continued; but even at those where I have had to make the tough decision to withdraw, I still hear from many of the participants and frequently bump into them, in Tescos and other such places! I always look forward to my classes and feel deeply indebted to those who come along every week and make the whole experience so special. As a newcomer to Winchester just two years ago, it has made what could have been a really hard and lonely transition (from America where we had enjoyed three wonderful years, and where I picked up the zumba bug!) into a really fun happy one.

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