The Stitch-N-Bitch

by SimplySharpe on August 11, 2009

My Grandmother has been trying to teach me to knit since I was a little girl. Unfortunately, I did not take her up on the offer until she was blind in her right eye (cataracts) and the Alzheimer’s is in full effect.

Yeah. I’m a pretty shitty Granddaughter. 

I have learned a lot from looking back and call them often. I do my best rendition of communicating with deaf people while anyone within earshot wants to punch me. Deal with it. 

This is about knitting anyway, not bitching. Sort of. 

Now that I have this urge to learn how to knit, I needed to find someone to teach me. I certainly have got some free time with the whole unemployment situation. I have tried to learn a lot of things during this hiatus. Knitting was one of the first on the list. So, I started asking everyone I knew who may be interested or already know how to knit. 

Turns out very few friends do. Nor do they care.

I was directed to a place in Va Highlands but constantly told how expensive it is. Expensive hobbies and no income are not a good match. Ever the crafty girl, I went to Michael’s in search of hope. I bought a book and made a few tragic knots. 

I needed a Grandma! 

One random Wednesday night, I attended the Atlanta Bloggers meeting and a new face was in the group. She wanted to learn about WordPress and that night our meeting was held hostage by an iPhone guy. The Organizer of the group had to miss it and he was ready to unleash all his iPhone information to the world.


Since he could not hold the groups attention, we began having individual conversations. According to my husband I started to facilitate and iPhone guy was forced to stop pushing his tunnel vision on us. Not how I remember it, but whatev.

The new face was not just any blogger, she is a knitta de jour! Her name is Foxy G and we decided to meet up outside of the group. She has been in Communications for years (an industry I would give my PC to be in) and offered some help on my resume. I have a flare for accessorizing and offered some help with photo shoots.

Never underestimate the power of connecting, even if you have to call it “networking”.

Her blog is entertaining and informative. I am inspired by her writing and her knitting. We both share a love for TAB and a dislike for inefficiency. 

One day we were emailing about our next get together and she called it a “stich-n-bitch”. I absolutely love the term and we try to schedule on every other week. I have started to make something that resembles a pattern and we have had some really fun photo shoots.

If you don’t have a stitch-n-bitch friend, you need to get one! 

We stich-n-bitch for hours on end. It’s cathartic. Sometimes we don’t even bitch we just talk about life and come up with funky names for her fabulous treasures which you can find on Etsy (one of the coolest sites EVER). It’s creative collaboration with a click of knitting needles. 


knitta with attitude

Disclaimer:  No iPhones were harmed during the Atlanta Blogger meeting or writing of this post.

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