The Day I Ousted the DJ

by SimplySharpe on April 14, 2010


Sharing is Caring


Ever had a day that seemed to have a theme? Today appeared to be brought to me by Foursquare.

If you have managed to find the one rock left to live under (Pass Go and collect $200), you are scratching your head wondering what a Foursquare is? I believe sharing is caring, so let’s talk a little about this location based social networking site currently swiffering the nation. All you need is a mobile phone or text enabled device type thing and you can play.

Why would you want to join another social network site, you ask (Yes, I can hear your thoughts. My ESPN is all the way on)?  This one comes with benefits and badges along with discounts from businesses that participate in the game. You can also find out where your friends are, allow them to stalk you, meet you out for dinner or drinks or give you tips around town. It’s a really cool fun way to play with your friends and do your part in supporting businesses or providing them feedback you may not necessarily give face to face. There are many reasons to play and you can learn more here.

Why does this day remind me of Foursquare? It all started in a parking garage in Midtown, Atlanta. I pulled in with my usual expectations of parking on one of the upper levels visitor parking spaces. I remember getting out of the car and getting my Foursquare application ready to check in. The Blackberry app will locate businesses within a few mile radius and let you select from the list.  The coffee shop I was going to check in at was not entered so I put all my energy into proactively getting my game on.

I went on to get a lack luster Chai Tea Latte and headed up the elevator to the top floor of my fabulous new digs. Cubed as I am, I love being in a fun office space with other creatives. I checked in there too, though some people think business check ins are not cool. I am not one of those people, providing you work in an office that does not offer a deal for services based on check ins. In other words, if you work at a bar or boutique you are banned from checking in so you don’t waste a hookup for a patron.

Do a little Google (Topeka) magic on the subject and you will see a lot of people weigh in on their rules of checking in. To each his own on this, unless you cheat or add a duplicate record because you are too lame to double check your venue or do not spell it properly. The one thing I do get ornery about is when people add silly records like the highway or toll booth plazas. These clutter up the game and could be dangerous if you are driving while checking in.

Public safety announcements aside, I finally found a new reason to not complain about all the random entries. I LOST my car! I played the part of space cadet for at least 15 minutes (a role I play well despite my high IQ) walking between levels to remember where my car may have been parked? I realized at that moment had I checked in on Level 11 of the parking garage, I would be getting in my car and not playing hide and go seek with it. Novel concept. I shared my moment of clarity with the DJ who thought this was cute.

I finally found my four wheel friend and took my show on the road (pun not intended, but it did work there). As I drove around to run errands, I got stuck behind this hotrod of horse power that seemed to think brushing her hair was more important then pushing the gas pedal. I was befuddled. I wanted her to check in on the side of the road and put a stop to this Marsha Brady 100 strokes a day hair brushing. She should have her hotrod privileges revoked and give that baby to someone one who will drive like she means it. Not me. I already lost one car today.

She finally got moving with her bad self and I was able to drive along to DSW where I had buyers rewards and would ultimately check in on Foursquare. I was on a specific mission for wedges and sandals and felt the best way to maintain accountability would be to shout that on my check in. Goal = wedges and sandals, must ignore heels. It’s a hard one for me. Higher the heel, happier the girl.

Feeling fabulous and footloose (Again, she goes with the pun. I mean really?), I message the DJ that I am feeling very girly today. He responded with matched enthusiasm and *gasp* a grocery list. I said girly, not “to-do girly”? Or worse… domestic.

I decide to take the list and own it. Best. Decision. EVER.

I ousted the DJ as Mayor of Publix on Foursquare!!!! He has like 64 million check ins there and of all the days to take the title, I get the one themed Foursquare day or as it will now be known, the day I ousted the DJ and he still cooked me dinner.

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The Manimal April 19, 2010 at 11:15 pm

I thought you were going to tell us he was gay. Oh well a boy can dream.

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