Thankful with a Side of Bump Update

by SimplySharpe on November 28, 2013

Over the last few years I have learned a lot about living a life of gratitude. Like many of you, I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, and learned the only way to truly be happy is to appreciate every little thing on a daily basis. It’s not enough to be thankful or count your blessings one day a year. I do my best to say a heartfelt “thanks” every day for everything I have.

Simply Sharpe-Thankful People Are Happy

That being said, I still thought it would be fun to share a few things I am thankful for today:

1. I am thankful for an amazing family, whether by blood, chosen friends or marriage. I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful people that I love and love me without condition.

2. I am thankful for my husband. Our five year anniversary is tomorrow, and with each passing year, I am amazed by how much our love grows. I’m also in constant amazement of what a great husband he is and cannot wait to see what a wonderful father he will be.

3. I am thankful that cooking a whole bird only comes once a year! We don’t get to travel home for Thanksgiving, so last year we decided I would cook for the two of us. If you’ve been around these parts before, you know cooking is very new to me. Last year, I was still too nervous to try the real deal and bought a pre-cooked turkey. This year I decided to take the plunge and go big. Let’s just say there has already been some cussing and a lot of cleaning in the kitchen. It’s hard to be {borderline} OCD whilst making a big meal with lots of things cooking at once {near nasty turkey juices}. Also, I’m quite the cliche today being barefoot and preggers in the kitchen. :-}

4. I’m thankful for my growing belly because it reminds me that a healthy baby boy is cooking in there. Who cares what happens in my kitchen when the most important thing I’m making is a human!


21 Week Bump

I would love to hear what you are thankful for this year, this day or anytime!

Hope everyone is having a lovely Thanksgiving filled with family, food, laughter and love!



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