Take Your Summit and Suck It!

by SimplySharpe on October 31, 2009

Let’s start by addressing the facts, people attend Summits for high level information for business and/or pleasure. We seek knowledge. Many seek income opportunities. Got it? Good.

Now, Fitness Info Summit. WTF?

My little brother attended this seminar last weekend. He was told that “Twitter is a waste of time” and “Traditional marketing is for lazy people”. I had to visit the crafty website a few times without counting the spelling errors to really absorb the message. 

WARNING! Superfluous spelling error example below:


Don't. I think you mean done?

If you make seven figures a day (per your batch report email from authorize.net) from doing nothing, surely you can pay a copywriter a few bucks to edit your awesomeness. No?

Furthermore, I am astounded by Chris’s story! See below:

Rags to ridiculous. Where did he get access to Internet?

He was homeless but owned a computer with internet access? Wow. I’d love to know more about this so I can share with the world. Maybe we can help save the homeless with the books and informational material they sold at the Summit?

And now back to reality.

There were a few positive little nuggets about passion and persistence displayed on the FIS website. In addition, I think the Scott guy is adorable with his cool as ice chuck taylors (trend alert) and fabulous dark jeans (always a Do!). I just don’t believe the hype. How can I? You refute an entire industry with unrealistic promises, false hope and fake stories.

Why would anyone encourage people to disengage their audience and then claim this technique gives you authority or credibility? Those are things you cannot fake or buy. Last time I googled, integrity is not for sale either.

I respect anyone who puts themselves out there and shares their secret sauce with the world. It’s actually quite the concept. Selling secrets. I think there is even a book called, The Secret

You should buy it NOW. What are you waiting for? I gave you the link. Maybe one of the beefy boys has an affiliate marketing arrangement with this link and will make $$$ while you read this? 

Maybe not.

Can you handle the TRUTH? I will give it to you. For FREE. Because I like you. All of you.

You will NOT make money reading this blog. You will probably NOT make money clicking any of my links. You will also NOT make money sneezing, but I don’t need to sell you that shit in a Summit!

You read it here first. There is no get rich quick scheme.  Call me crazy (if I don’t answer, my Mom will), but I believe there is no substitution for hard work. Passion and persistence will always pay off. Also,  honesty is ALWAYS the best policy.

Please note, I am not taking a stand against all forms of affiliate marketing. I am just taking issue with the way it was presented by this Summit and felt they should get some much needed feedback. 

Thanks for playing!

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Todd Schnick October 31, 2009 at 4:43 pm

No money from sneezing? Well to hell with this stoopid internets thing…

Thanks for sharing!

SimplySharpe October 31, 2009 at 4:47 pm

Shocking isn’t it? You could have been so rich last week with that cold.

Rowan Artemis October 31, 2009 at 5:33 pm

Wow. I KNEW that stuff sounded fishy. And not in the yummy, grilled tilapia kind of way. In the why-haven’t-I-thrown-this-smelly-sea-dwelling-carcass-away-yet kind of way. Anyone who says communication and rapport-building are worthless needs to find a career that lets them work far away from other people, because clearly they’re not worth listening to.

Jeff Turner December 4, 2009 at 9:24 pm

“there is no substitution for hard work” – except for harder work and longer hours. I hate all of the get rich quick bull-shit being thrown about via affiliate marketing. It makes me wish for a stronger word than hate. Is there one?

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