Picky Eating, Sunday Supper and Spaghetti Squash

by SimplySharpe on March 24, 2013

There is a serious struggle in my house to stay healthy while making a meal both the hubby and I can enjoy. This is mostly because he is the pickiest eater on Google Earth. I’m not even kidding, he makes most toddlers look like experimental foodies! His unique diet of mayonnaise, meat, butter and bacon has somehow sustained him for 30 something years, but I’m looking to keep him around for triple that amount of time.

I know I am good at playing the nagging wife–often–but I really love him, and I miss fitting in my cute clothes. I’ve done a decent job of finding things that aren’t totally smothered in cheese that he will eat. I credit Pinterest (YES-again!) for finding a ton of easy, almost healthy dinners that he has willingly tried and not yet died from.

One thing that I see, and frequently pin, is recipes for spaghetti squash. I’ll be really honest…I had never even heard of spaghetti squash before I joined Pinterest. I don’t know how no one had mentioned it because with the amount of pins and re-pins on there, it’s clearly a winner.

I finally found some at my local grocery, and could not wait to test out one of the recipes. Only thing is, I planned to not tell the hubby and let him think I was making him pasta, which I rarely make, because it’s pasta. Tonight was the perfect time to test this sneaky little experiment since he is busy watching Ultra Music Festival on live stream, and not paying attention to how long it would take me to make dinner. {Insert sneaky laugh}

There are a few recipes, but I found the easiest one from My Blessed Life. Also, I am in awe of her Photoshop skills, but that’s another story for another time. Right now, I’m all about making some faux sketti for the hubby!

Honestly, it gets no easier than step one:

Spaghetti Sqaush










Well, step two is pretty dang easy, too. Wait about five minutes and then:

Spaghetti Squash Halved











Okay, so the only part that took effort was de-seeding these suckers. The seeds are baked in there, and I wasn’t sure if I was ruining the spaghetti squash by repeatedly stabbing my fork in there for seeds before making the faux sketti. Good news, I was not. There are tons of good stringy pieces in each half:

Forking Out some Spaghetti Squash











That’s pretty much it. Three easy steps to spaghetti squash.

Simply Sharpe's Spaghetti Squash









Of course, I’m still hoping to pass this off as pasta, so I used my hubby’s favorites–butter and fresh shaved parmesan cheese. I’m smart enough to taste it first to see what he might think.

Damn good thing I did! Also good, he has leftover pizza in the fridge so his Sunday supper is saved.

There is no way he would believe this was pasta, not even if I claim it’s just al dente.

Sigh, at least I liked it enough to eat both servings. Don’t judge, I’ve heard it’s only a measly 42 calories per cup. :}

Do you cook for anyone who is a picky eater? What are your tricks/tips to get them to try new foods? “Pretty please?” only works sometimes in my house, usually when the food isn’t green.

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