24 Weeks: Welcome to Viability!

by SimplySharpe on December 16, 2013

Hands down — best Monday I’ve ever had! I wish I could start every week with a fantastic report from the doctor and seeing my little man via ultrasound. This week is a major milestone for me. Most people probably don’t know, but there is really not much medically that can be done if anything happens prior to 24 weeks of pregnancy. 24 weeks is typically what is considered a viable pregnancy. Of course, I want this half-baked nugget to keep cooking, but it’s a comfort to know if something crazy were to happen, they could try to save him now.

Let’s get to the Groundhog portion of the program…

Simply Sharpe 24 Week Bump

How far along? 24 weeks

Maternity clothes? Yes. I made the mistake of trying to pick up some more maternity items this weekend, and I’m even more convinced there is a conspiracy against curvy girls. First, why in the world is every top striped? Do we want to look wider when pregnant? I love me some stripes, but there’s a time and a place, it’s called prison. And don’t get me started on cap sleeves…so, yeah, my whole body is growing larger and wider, and some jerk thinks I want to accentuate my flabby arms? I’d like to work them out by punching said jerk in his baby maker. No way a woman designs this stuff. We know arms are sacred, except in summer when it’s so hot even if you don’t have toned arms, you deal.

Stretch marks? Palmer’s Tummy Butter and cocoa butter have become my nightly BFFs. Seriously, buy stock, this stuff may actually work.

Sleep? Pretty sure the side-sleep conundrum is teaching me how to adapt to the lack of sleep I will be getting when Baby Sharpe is born. You gotta learn somehow, right?

Best moment this week? Hearing not one, but two medical professionals at my high risk doctor tell me that this baby is perfect. Also, seeing his perfect little nose, lips and face in 3D today. TECHNOLOGY IS MIND BLOWING!

Baby Sharpe 3D Ultrasound


Isn’t he a handsome little boy?!

Miss anything? In addition to turkey sammiches, I miss sushi and coffee. Not nearly as much, but I would go to town on some sashimi if I could.

Movement? Yes, and it’s AWESOME! I finally feel him more frequently. It’s the coolest feeling in the world.

Food cravings? Oh boy. I made the mistake of buying these delicious Christmas treats from Target this weekend. I dream about them when I’m not home to eat them.

Tasty Target Chistmas Treats

Nausea? None at all.

Started showing yet? Most definitely. A client at the place I work part-time said, “Oh look, you are pregnant! I thought you were just getting fat.” She’s one of my favorites, obviously.

Labor signs? Nope.

Belly button in or out? This question stresses me out. I routinely inspect my innie for signs of something. What is in there???

Happy or moody? Try to get me down from cloud nine today. You can file that under things that are impossible.

Looking forward to? Heading home for Christmas! Normally, I would run my mouth about an 80 degree Christmas, but I can’t take the cold this year. Not sure why when I’m the most insulated I’ve ever been, but I’m ready for some good ‘ol South Florida sunshine.




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23 Weeks: Bump Update

by SimplySharpe on December 12, 2013

I get so excited each Monday when I reach that new milestone of making it another week pregnant. Don’t ask why it takes me until Thursday to get around to writing about it. I mean, the questions are outlined for me and all, but it takes me this long to want to get out my laptop and share my joy with the world. I think I’m spoiled by the simplicity of a tablet, and I’ve yet to try blogging from my iPad. It took me until this summer to stop reading real, old school books and start using the Kindle iPad app. I guess what I’m saying is, by the time the baby is in college, I will be the Queen of iPad blog posts.

How far along? 23 weeks

Simply Sharpe 23 Week Bump

Maternity clothes? Yes. I can still wear some of my work pants/tops from before I lost weight, but they are not very comfortable. I find full panel maternity pants to be a gift from G-d after a big meal (or ice cream). Stretchy-stretch-stretch = extreme comfort.

Stretch marks? Palmer’s Tummy Butter and cocoa butter have become my nightly BFFs.

Sleep? Still the world’s suckiest side sleeper, but getting more sleep than I thought I would this far along.

Best moment this week? One night my hubby was in an adorable mood, and he was checking out my growing belly and said, “I did this to you! That’s my boy in there.” I don’t know why but it was the cutest thing to me. Pregnancy hormones do funny things to my brain.

Miss anything? How bored will you be if I keep talking about cold turkey sammiches each week? BECAUSE I MISS THEM!!! And I’m starting to miss being able to conduct my normal shower routine without fear of tipping over.

Movement? Just a little this week — damn you, anterior placenta!

Food cravings? Sweets. Whoever started that old tale about craving salty with boys and sweets with girls was a liar. Tell everyone.

Nausea? None.

Started showing yet? Um, yeah.

Labor signs? No, and I feel lucky everyday for this.

Belly button in or out? Still in. Seriously, what will come out? I don’t think there is anything in there to pop out.

Happy or moody? Happy when I am home, moody when I’m driving or dealing with stressful situations.

Looking forward to? Our doctor appointment Monday. I live for every opportunity to hear more good news about this little nugget.





22 Weeks: Bump Update

by SimplySharpe on December 5, 2013

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about whether or not I would join the fun and do a weekly bump update post. I’ve seen tons of these over the two years we’ve been trying to conceive, and I decided I want to document this entire experience. I was trying to hold off and not become one of those smug preggers people, but after two losses, I hardly feel capable. I feel like I deserve to celebrate every milestone after what we’ve been through. Please don’t hate me.

Simply Sharpe 22 Week Bump

These seem to be the standard questions most bloggers go with, so I will start here, but don’t blame me if I edit later on. I’m new to this game, but seems these could get repetitive for the next 3.5 months.

How far along? 22 weeks — the longest I’ve ever been pregnant!!! YAY!

Maternity clothes? Yes! They are much more comfortable for my growing belly. I will say that maternity designers clearly hate curvy girls. It is damn near impossible to find decent black work pants for non-stick figure frames. The fabrics are all cheap, yet dry clean only, and forget it if you have thighs. Le sigh.

Stretch marks? I think I see some starting. YIKES!

Sleep? Barely. Between the hourly bathroom breaks and the fact that you can’t sleep on your back, I’m up on and off all night. On a positive note, I am super tired so getting in bed early is not a problem.

Best moment this week? Not only did I finally feel his first kick, but so did my hubby! It was the single most amazing moment I have felt in my life.

Miss anything? TURKEY SAMMICHES!!! To be clear, I miss cold turkey sammiches, which if you don’t know, you have to avoid deli meat due to the possibility of listeria. Hubby is already planning my postpartum sammich feast!

Movement? YES, finally! I have an anterior placenta (this means it’s in the front), so they said it would take longer to feel him.

Food cravings? Not really, but I’m loving soup and ice cream these days — not together, thankfully.

Nausea? Only when I’m at the gym and someone is really bringing the funk.

Started showing yet? Definitely. {See above}

Labor signs? Thank G-d no!

Belly button in or out? Innies represent! I’m having a hard time picturing what my lifetime innie will look like as an outie???

Happy or moody? Mostly happy, but I live in the traffic capital of the world, which makes me feel like a crazy person. I also have a part-time job that is heavy multitasking/customer service, which doesn’t always bring out the best in a pregnant person.

Looking forward to? Our next appointment in 11 days. I can’t wait to see the little nugget again!




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Thankful with a Side of Bump Update

by SimplySharpe on November 28, 2013

Over the last few years I have learned a lot about living a life of gratitude. Like many of you, I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, and learned the only way to truly be happy is to appreciate every little thing on a daily basis. It’s not enough to be thankful or count your blessings one day a year. I do my best to say a heartfelt “thanks” every day for everything I have.

Simply Sharpe-Thankful People Are Happy

That being said, I still thought it would be fun to share a few things I am thankful for today:

1. I am thankful for an amazing family, whether by blood, chosen friends or marriage. I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful people that I love and love me without condition.

2. I am thankful for my husband. Our five year anniversary is tomorrow, and with each passing year, I am amazed by how much our love grows. I’m also in constant amazement of what a great husband he is and cannot wait to see what a wonderful father he will be.

3. I am thankful that cooking a whole bird only comes once a year! We don’t get to travel home for Thanksgiving, so last year we decided I would cook for the two of us. If you’ve been around these parts before, you know cooking is very new to me. Last year, I was still too nervous to try the real deal and bought a pre-cooked turkey. This year I decided to take the plunge and go big. Let’s just say there has already been some cussing and a lot of cleaning in the kitchen. It’s hard to be {borderline} OCD whilst making a big meal with lots of things cooking at once {near nasty turkey juices}. Also, I’m quite the cliche today being barefoot and preggers in the kitchen. :-}

4. I’m thankful for my growing belly because it reminds me that a healthy baby boy is cooking in there. Who cares what happens in my kitchen when the most important thing I’m making is a human!


21 Week Bump

I would love to hear what you are thankful for this year, this day or anytime!

Hope everyone is having a lovely Thanksgiving filled with family, food, laughter and love!




Oh Baby, Do I Have Good News…

by SimplySharpe on November 19, 2013

I’m so happy to finally feel confident enough to take the BIG NEWS public!!!

Baby Sharpe 2014

I have been poked, prodded and thoroughly scanned for the last 20 weeks, and it looks like we are having a HEALTHY BABY BOY! We are over the moon with excitement! Yes, this is a lot of exclamation points for one post, but I’M HAVING A BABY!!!

It’s been so hard to keep such an amazing secret for this long, but after two losses, you lose a lot of confidence in the baby making process. I’m happy to say, I am finally at the point in my pregnancy where I believe this is really happening.

Now, I just need a crash course on all the things to do to prepare for Baby Sharpe’s arrival… Oh, hello, Pinterest! ;-}


Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

by SimplySharpe on October 15, 2013

I recently saw a post from a friend of mine on Facebook that October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month. I had no idea that such thing existed, but as someone who suffered two pregnancy losses myself, I thought it was a great time to reach out to others who may be suffering in silence. I picked today because it’s Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.

Remembering Angels -October 15

Miscarriage is not something many people feel comfortable discussing. I understand that all too well. I have several friends that are dealing with infertility, which is just as sad and difficult to speak openly about.

I think one of the reasons I personally don’t talk much about my experience with loss is that people are quick to shut you down. I understand that no one knows what to say, and to be honest, there is no right thing to say. Nothing anyone says will replace the hole in my heart from either of my losses, just as nothing will help a person struggling to get pregnant be able to conceive. We understand that. What is harder to understand is when people immediately start saying things that sound rational as if we had never thought about those things. It makes us feel like we can’t talk openly about our feelings, and then it just becomes more depressing to try.

I notice how much more introverted I became after the losses or only talk to people about surface topics. I have friends that are on the infertile side that don’t talk about it at all because they get tired of being told, “It will happen. Just keep positive/praying/etc.” Please think before you speak. Don’t you think these people have been positive for so long? Often too long.

You cannot tell anyone how to feel, nor should you try. It’s okay for someone struggling with infertility to feel frustrated. It’s okay for someone who has faced a loss (or several) to feel a little hopeless. No one should pretend to be strong or put on a brave face because it makes other people feel better when talking to them. It’s important to process our feelings and not feel judged while going through these heartbreaking times.

If someone you know has suffered from infant loss or infertility, please be gentle with their feelings. If you don’t know what to say, don’t say a lot. Try these:

– Sorry for your loss.

– I can’t imagine how you must feel. I’m sorry.

– Can I bake you cookies? (Because, you know, cookies.)

That’s it. Don’t try to fill their heads with information that would make you feel better if you heard it or that makes you feel better for saying it. People need to communicate, process and grieve. Let them.

And for those who want to learn more about Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance, visit: october15th.com. There are some great ideas for how to participate.

Love to everyone with angels,




For the Love of Fall

by SimplySharpe on September 22, 2013

It’s finally here…the first day of fall!

Happy Fall

I feel like I wait all year for just a short few months of bliss. We had such a wet summer here in Atlanta, so I’m really expecting a lot from this season. I want my crisp, cool air. I’m ready for the leaves to turn beautiful hues of bright red, orange and buttery yellow. I want to feel them fall at my feet whilst wrapped in cozy, oversized sweaters and scarves.

Speaking of sweaters and scarves, is there a better time of year for fashion than fall? I think not. The clothes are just so much more appealing to me than summer or too bundled up winter.

I grew up in south Florida where we had summer year round, so the best thing that ever happened by me moving was seasons. I miss home, and we talk about moving back someday, but it will be so hard to give up experiencing my favorite season. I wish my family would move up here, but they already told me, “We live where everyone goes to retire. Why would we move?” Well played, family. Well played.

What are some of your favorite things about fall? Soups, pumpkin flavored everything, cuddle weather? I love it all!




Hi, I’m Marisa and I’m a C25K quitter, kind of.

SAY WHAAAAAT?!  It’s only a nine week program. Who can’t do something so simple for nine weeks?

Me, the person who finds running on a treadmill for 34 minutes straight more boring than a History Channel marathon about the GOP.

To be honest, I can totally do it, I just don’t want to. I realized pretty quickly into the program that I did not sign up with the intention of running a 5k. Almost defeats the purpose of the program, right? Wrong. The purpose of the program for me was to get moving.

I signed up because I needed to get off the couch–which I did–and I needed something that would change my lazy lady ways into a gym going Goddess, which I also did. I now hit the gym five days a week, with at least two days of C25K, in addition to cardio kickboxing classes and weight training. Oh, you thought I quit? Not me!

I just decided to do it my way. Cue Sinatra…compete with yourself-simplysharpe

I absolutely love the interval training in the C25K program. I just got bored when I hit the end of week six and saw that week seven-week nine is all running. Dullsville. I was pumped when I completed the first full running day with no intervals, but after you prove to yourself you can do something, what is the point of proving it over and over? I’m in this for me. I can totally run now. I just don’t love doing it on a treadmill. Maybe when it’s cooler out, I will try this again and go for a 5K? Maybe not.

Who knows? All I know is I’ve lost my first 10lbs in eight weeks. That’s pretty awesome!

I would say not all of the weight is a result of the program. In fact, I doubt most of the weight I lost was because of C25K? I read a ton of posts on Spark People and My Fitness Pal about the program, and only a few people lose weight doing it. I am consistently losing weight because I committed to cleaning up my diet, I track everything I eat, make better choices, and workout more than three days a week.

I still recommend the C25K program to anyone getting started back into a fitness routine or someone who actually wants to run a 5K. I believe it helps condition you for running. I am still running, and I’ve been able to increase my speed each time I repeat the same week’s workout. HOLLA! I love that I am getting faster and better at running, even if I don’t love just plain, boring running. If I find an app that helps me just do running/walking intervals with the prompts, I would be one happy human. Anyone know of one???

What are some of your fitness success stories? Or failures? Anyone else customize the C25K to fit their needs? As always, I would love to hear from you!




Chocolate Banana Protein Smoothie {Recipe}

by SimplySharpe on July 9, 2013

I recently read somewhere that people who are successful in losing weight, and keeping it off, typically eat the same foods often. It may be too early for me to weigh in on this one, but I’ve been steadily losing a pound a week since I started my lifestyle changes, and I would have to agree.

One of the items that frequently makes it on my menu is a chocolate banana protein smoothie. I mean who doesn’t love chocolate and bananas? Together?! It’s one of my favorite combination of foods. It’s also a perfect protein snack for after a workout!

Chocolate Banana Protein Smoothie


This chocolate banana protein smoothie is super simple to make, and you probably have the ingredients already on hand:

– Chocolate protein powder (I like EAS Lean 15, and I use just one scoop to save myself some calories.)

– Unsweetened almond milk or skim milk (I prefer unsweetened almond milk at 30 calories a serving.)

– One small banana

– 5-10 ice cubes


For more protein add a tbsp of peanut butter, flaxseeds, or chia seeds.

Go green with a handful of spinach!

Mix all the ingredients in your blender and ENJOY! Try a pretty straw, it always makes me feel fancy.

What are some of your favorite protein smoothie recipes? Do you have a favorite after workout snack?




I want to be one of those women who love Zumba; I really do. I think it’s highly unlikely though. I took my second class tonight, hoping that the first time I took it–and sucked–was a fluke because I was pregnant and didn’t know it yet. Not so much. Turns out I can suck at Zumba pretty much anytime I take it.

Good to know.

Thank you, Zumba

I liked that the class was all different types, sizes and ages. This helped me not feel like a complete idiot when the only moves I seemed to get right were something that strangely resembled a Hitler salute, riding the pony (people from South FL will always know this one), and something that can only be described as twerking. I don’t want to go down the path of explaining why I know what twerking is, but Google Miley Cyrus and it will all be clear.

I feel good that I added two extra days of working out this week in addition to Couch to 5K Week 6. One was revisiting Workout Barbie’s house of pain and then Zumba tonight. Other than that, I seemed to be on a mission to prove an overall lack of coordination this week.

First up, closing restroom doors:

Yeah, you really wouldn’t think this would challenge me, but in a visit to the hotel where my Dad had a layover this week, I managed to slam the door of the lobby ladies room on the middle of my arm. I have a quarter size bruise that thankfully is closer to the inside of my arm than the forearm, but still…how hard is it to close a door and not bruise your own body?

And if ladies room doors did not elude me this week, we have example number two: sitting at the desk of my PT job.

Yeah, this should also be a relatively simple thing to master. Not for me.

I was sitting in one of the same two seats I have been occupying for about seven months now, just doing my job, when I felt a stabbing pain in the middle of my foot and had to look down to make sure blood was not gushing out. I got up to greet a patient and caught my foot on the bottom corner of the desk drawer. It felt like my foot was caught on a hook. I could see my vein bursting with a small bit of blood forming at the top, but nothing that distracted me from smiling and completing the task before realizing just how much it hurt. SO. VERY. MUCH.

I did manage to write this post with no injury, so that’s good. I think I need to spend the weekend cuddled up with a good book, on the couch, out of harms way. Hubby has suggested moving the coffee table because of sharp edges. That’s love, folks.

How was everyone else’s week? Anyone else new to Zumba and not feel the immediate love everyone on Facebook talks about? How many times do you have to Zumba to feel like you are actually moving the same body parts at the same time as the instructor? It does get better, right?




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