Office Space

by SimplySharpe on September 3, 2009

This may be one of the best office stories I have heard in a while. Sadly, it’s not even mine to tell.

Clearly, not going to stop me.

Imagine you work in an office with 12 people, give or take an IT nerd. You would probably know your team members pretty well, right? Maybe play some fun little pranks on them like turning the display setting upside down for one of the non nerds. Whatever. It’s small and you get to know people.

One random Wednesday afternoon, the Financial Director calls the group into the conference room for what sounds like an urgent meeting. You rush in to the room with your team and find a big birthday cake (candles included) for the CEO.

Then he rushes in to find the team ready to sing him a round of Happy Birthday.

Boss: Um, it’s not my birthday?

Financial Director: Oh, it’s tomorrow then?

Boss: It’s not even this month.

Team: (awkward silence followed by fits of laughter as the CEO exits stage left)


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