Momma Said there’d be Days Like This

by SimplySharpe on September 18, 2009

Today was one of those days I cursed my alarm clock for existing. I was running too late to stop for my usual Starbucks and had to suffer through a cup of the crappy stuff work supplies us. Powdered creamer is vile. Seriously employers, providing decent coffee is a motivator.


So is positive reinforcement, but we can broach that subject on another night.


Not getting nearly enough sleep or required dosage of daily sugar, I was determined to make something wake me up so I hit the phones. Part of my job requirement is making 80+ outbound calls a day to spread the word about our fabulous same day service with no minimum order requirement and no delivery fee (you know you want to buy from me-CALL ME!). The other part is getting out an average of 6 *qualified* catalogs a day. 


By noon, I was at 40 something dials and ZERO catalogs. Momma said there’d be days like this… I just hoped they would not fall on a Friday. Not just any Friday either. It’s a high holy day or whatever. The one my Auntie A was going to bring me home for. Except I have no vacation days and so that plan was not going to see the light of temple candles.


To top it off, the LAST “rockstar pass” was sold for New Media Atlanta which means I do not get to stop at Go, collect $200 or meet Chris Brogan. 


I have been holding off on my registration for a few reasons. The first is my role as an inside sales rep does not allow me to be out all day even though it’s the Social Media Event of the Year in Atlanta. Everyone who is worth knowing will be there. They all use office supplies and the flood gates would be open. I offered to take a Top rep or marketing person with me. So far, no go.


Until you prove yourself, you don’t even get to park upfront. Even when it’s pouring rain and you just had your hair did at Van Michael’s. Is fabulous hair a right or a privilege? 


I understand and appreciate that this process has worked for many successful producers currently dialing for dollars at Dunder. I believe in the service and company too. What I don’t get is the resistance to other effective methods of sales. Maybe I need to work more on Mission Possible Monday?


Happy New Year my fellow Hebs. Always remember, you were chosen for a reason. 


Thanks for playing!

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Rowan Hokanson September 19, 2009 at 10:44 pm

Side note: I actually have a website to put in the field. Just can’t get over it. Thanks for the blogroll spot!!

Actual point: They have to move into this decade sometime, and now’s the perfect time to do it. I know you’ll be able to work something out. NMLATL is going to happen for you – I can feel it. ^.^ Best of luck!

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