Just Say No, to SPAM!

by SimplySharpe on January 24, 2010


Writing is my anti-spam


This weekend I used some of my super powers to stop an insidious amount of spam comments on an older blog post. Some evil spider style attack of the x-rated kind tried to infiltrate mass amounts of linkage, but I stopped their stupidity with a little something I like to call brains.

Brains are good for you. Tastes great with sentences, sandwiches, song lyrics and consumption of any kind. Not in a Hannibal Lecter way though.

Back to the spam at hand…

There appears to be a bored nerd using the same lame domain name or IP address to send 50+ comment spams a day to my blog. Thanks to the help of WordPress (Yes, you read that right, the WP hate is waning) I am able to block these sloppy spam attacks and spare my readers unnecessary assaults of their pathetic kind.

Seriously spammer, do you really have nothing better to do?? Is World of War Craft down? Did you get kicked out of Game Stop for being the nerd without brains again? Would it help if I bought you Hackers for Dummies or something? What about some one on one time with a real nerd to harness your powers for good not evil? The DJ is available for a small fee, which I am happy to pay if you BACK UP OFF MY BLOG COMMENTS ALREADY!

Please let me know what it will take for you to use your copious amount of spare time and pseudo techie knowledge (real hackers don’t leave such obvious traces of their existence) to stop wasting my time. You are starting to get on my almost birthday nerves and that is just not cute! I am making some pretty generous offers here. All you need to do is disappear and we can all go back to normal. Well, what ever “normal” means to you and your sad spammy existence , which incidentally I can have wiped away with one phone call. Let’s try to part ways peacefully.

Thanks for playing!

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