Holy Hollis Gillespie, Great Blogs of Steel

by SimplySharpe on September 26, 2010

If you live in Atlanta, listen to NPR, watch late night talk shows or have an affinity for “Trailer-evangelism“, you probably know who Hollis Gillespie is. The rest of you are going to love me for the introduction.

I met Hollis when I recently attended an event hosted by the fabulous Crave Atlanta. Hollis is best known for her unique humor, writing three memoirs and her famous Atlanta blogging workshop. Her writing workshops, appropriately titled Shocking Real Life, have been on my short list of definitely maybe.

I wanted to learn more about this author whose Dad was an alcoholic salesman and Mom a missile maker. Other then her obvious accredited work, she was just another person with something to sell me.

Except she wasn’t.

There was nothing sales-y about her. She was wearing a funky orange dress and a Paul Frank watch. She talked about how her logo was creatively transfered on drop cloth. She mentioned the four friends formula — think Seinfeld, Sex And The City, Will and Grace, etc. Hollis shared stories of how she began writing on the back of the drop seat while working for Delta. She wrote herself little notes and reminders of things to detract her from fear.

FEAR — The dirtiest word in my vocabulary.

Can the Workshop Whisperer set me free from fear? Time will tell. The workshop I wanted to sign up for conflicts with my increasingly shocking real life.

Here are some other pictures from Hollis’s studio in Castleberry Hill Loft District:

Trailer Trashed Tanks and Enormous Undergarments

Hollis' Daughter Drew These Trailers

It’s pretty cool if you find yourself in the area or looking for a creative space to host an event. I bet she will even let you hang your own pictures 🙂

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