DIY Wall Art – For the Lazy Artist on a Budget

by SimplySharpe on November 25, 2012

I finally figured out how to turn my countless hours on Pinterest into something useful — ART PROJECT — I think I’m on to something here!

As much as I love all the DIY pins on Pinterest, I tend to love the idea of making things more than the actual art of making things. That all changed when I realized my walls are an institutional white and my art budget is non-existent very low. I asked The DJ (the hubs if you’re new here) what my hypothetical craft budget could be and he said, “If you make it, I will buy it.” It’s very Field of Dreams in our household.

Honestly, I’ve never understood ‘Black Friday’ or its appeal (these people have the internet, right?!), but since this Pinspiration was forming during a post Thanksgiving food coma, I decided I would brave going to Michaels on this crazy shopping day. Lucky for me, it was dead. Unless you count the 25 people working there, which I do, because they could not have been any nicer or more helpful.

I was not working from one specific pin, so I had a bunch of ideas and inspiration running through my head. I knew I wanted to get as much as possible for as little as possible. Here is what I got:

Blank canvas 12×12 (pack of 5) – $11.99

Black canvas 16×20 (pack of 7) – $11.99

Acrylic paint in black, gray, red and white – $.99 each

Paint brushes $.99 each

Artist tape – $7.99

I got a check-in special from Foursquare to save 50% off one regular price item, and the cashier told me about the Michaels app which saved me another 25% off the total. Yay for savings!

*I also stopped by the dollar store to grab a drop cloth because I forgot that at Michaels.

I took the canvases out and started to arrange them in an order that would make sense for the huge wall in our living room. I realized the 12×12 canvases would seem too small for the space, so I decided to mix them up and do four of the 16×20 to form a square with two of the 12×12 on the outside to pull them together.

 I wanted to do something somewhat abstract for the middle pieces, but The DJ vetoed them all being a different pattern. I decided a mod circular situation would work best. I took an old Dixie cup and used the red paint to make this happen:

Fancy, huh?

I forgot to grab a picture of what I did with the two squares, but it was super easy! I took the artist tape (painters tape would work just as well) and put it in random pattern across the canvas. I then painted over it in black, let it dry, and then peeled the tape off. So simple!

I really like how these both came out. I also like that it was inexpensive enough that I can make new “pieces” and switch them out.

The whole project took no time at all and came in around $35. The longest part was waiting for the paint to dry.

What are some cool projects you have made when that Pinspiration strikes?


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Bayu December 19, 2012 at 6:17 am

Pinspiration! This is the first time I heard the term — I love it! I have more Pinspiration on my boards than I can do in a liefitme. I have an entire board devoted to wreaths, both DIY and ones I just find pretty (and one on my front door). I adore that crayon wreath and am going to see if my friend will let me make one to hang in the classroom where she teaches! Thanks for sharing the cool resources. I’m new to your blog and really enjoy your work.

SimplySharpe December 21, 2012 at 6:36 pm

Thanks, Bayu! That crayon wreath is very cool. Hope your friend lets you hang it in her classroom! 🙂

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