by SimplySharpe on December 1, 2011

I took some time today to reflect on the little things and this is the listicle I came up with:

1. I went to NYC twice this year (for work).

2. I’ve had at least 365 brilliant ideas and the year is not even over yet. Watch out 2012!

3. I would rather be me every day than someone other people expect me to be for even one second.

4. The grass can be the perfect shade of green if you use just enough fertilizer.

5. I may love even numbers, but I still hate math.

6. Sometimes I get accused of being negative when really, I’m just being honest. For those who agree, please refer to number three and feel free to forget my existence.

7. I accidentally dropped a rhyme in that last one. Poetry in motion.

8. I forgot what eight was for.

9. I love being more right-brained.

10. This list was just my silly way of saying, happy first day of the last day of the month.

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