Crush It, Even if You Feel Broken. Now!

by SimplySharpe on December 14, 2009




If I was being completely honest (it is the best policy), I wanted nothing more then to crawl in bed on this cold rainy Monday. I had one of those days.  Apparently, a mere continuation of last night since I vaguely remember updating my Facebook status to something about making the most difficult decisions of my life. 


My little brother, Trevor (AKA, Punk Rock if you read my old blog when I only used nicknames), sent me a text that made little sense. It said something about adding some levity to my status update. It took a minute to remember what the nature of my last update was since I am on Facebook-lite these days. I texted back with Fight Club quotes which is not unusual for us, but today prompted him to pick up the phone. 

I told him I was skipping the Crush It book signing with Gary Vaynerchuk because quite frankly this day was a total waste of makeup. He insisted I go and be “ME” for a few hours. He has also read the book and knew I had been looking forward to meeting him. He has a contagious energy that reminds me why I exist.

The part where he actually signed my book (with my pink Sharpie if you are following on Twitter) was taken on someone else’s camera because much like my life, my pink Sony Cybershot is broken. The picture above was taken on my Crackbery before the media card decided it too would fail me.

Et tu brute? 

I’m glad I pushed through my glass case of emotions and stayed front and center for Gary’s Q&A. So many tasty nuggets. Some made me want wine, some made me realize it was time to stop whining and some that defied my bad day and motivated me to write this post. NOW! Gary made a point to address why the word NOW is in Green with the title instead of the word Passion. I had not even noticed, which is weird since I kept obsessively trying to straighten the books in front of me and being called “Monk” by friend, Robyn. 

Passion is something he clearly has, but his success is largely driven by his ability to tap into the NOW of technology. He was using video and the interwebs to market The Wine Library while many of us were still debating whether or not we would ever get a Facebook page. While we were waiting, he formed an empire. Pretty impressive.

He also said some pretty provocative things about college being a waste and professors teaching Social Media do not actually have practical experience using it. His point was not to disparage people from going to college, but to utilize other resources like mentoring and internships to accelerate knowledge and save people from starting negative. I loved this part! My hefty student loan for my degree with the appropriate acronym, BS is further proof of his thought process. Most entrepreneurs drop out of school because they don’t need others to tell them how to create or operate a business. They have passion. The successful ones have it coming out of their pores. Get to know them. Surround yourself with like minded thinkers. Entrepreneurship is not something you typically learn from a textbook.

One last thought he shared that made an impact on me was how he didn’t have “heroes”. I felt bad for him at first ( as Wind Beneath My Wings began to play in my head), but he further explained he does not like to compare himself to other people and sets his own standards. I can dig it. Can you?

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