Chocolate Banana Protein Smoothie {Recipe}

by SimplySharpe on July 9, 2013

I recently read somewhere that people who are successful in losing weight, and keeping it off, typically eat the same foods often. It may be too early for me to weigh in on this one, but I’ve been steadily losing a pound a week since I started my lifestyle changes, and I would have to agree.

One of the items that frequently makes it on my menu is a chocolate banana protein smoothie. I mean who doesn’t love chocolate and bananas? Together?! It’s one of my favorite combination of foods. It’s also a perfect protein snack for after a workout!

Chocolate Banana Protein Smoothie


This chocolate banana protein smoothie is super simple to make, and you probably have the ingredients already on hand:

– Chocolate protein powder (I like EAS Lean 15, and I use just one scoop to save myself some calories.)

– Unsweetened almond milk or skim milk (I prefer unsweetened almond milk at 30 calories a serving.)

– One small banana

– 5-10 ice cubes


For more protein add a tbsp of peanut butter, flaxseeds, or chia seeds.

Go green with a handful of spinach!

Mix all the ingredients in your blender and ENJOY! Try a pretty straw, it always makes me feel fancy.

What are some of your favorite protein smoothie recipes? Do you have a favorite after workout snack?



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