C25K Week 5: I’m So Sore, It Hurts to Write This Post

by SimplySharpe on June 20, 2013

Ok, so if you’ve been around these parts before, you know by now that I have a tendency to exaggerate. I am pretty sore, but not from Couch to 5K, at least not all the soreness. I realized last week that three days a week of exercise was not really enough for me to accomplish my goals. I’ve also been tracking my food intake using the Spark People app, and I’m just not seeing the kind of results a person with my particular level of patience likes to see. I needed to ramp things up–like yesterday!

I decided to take one of the classes my gym offers. I remember how much I loved kickboxing back during the periods when I actually used exercise to lose/maintain weight somewhere in my 20s. I found a class, Cardio Kickboxing, and it was being offered on my rest day from C25K. Perfect. I did absolutely no research whatsoever on the class, just showed up when it was about to start.

I should have known something was off when people were grabbing a ton of hand weights before class started. I’ve taken quite a few kickboxing classes at a gym and at a karate studio, and I’ve yet to see one that uses hand weights.

Ever the trooper, I decided to stick it out and stay for the class…

Workout Barbie bounced to the front of the room and mic’d up. I already knew I hated her. I don’t know if it was her completely tan and toned body, her tiny shorts, or the fact that she took two minutes longer than necessary to talk to a front of the class wanna-be Barbie clone. It could’ve been both, but my hatred only grew as she didn’t feel it was necessary to keep normal numbers of reps for each exercise. We were going to do however many she needed in her workout that night, whether that was 50 on one body part and four on another.

I did the best I could and modified when needed. It helped that some of the fittest people around me couldn’t keep up with her moves. I realized early on this was about me and my goals, not anyone else. I stayed for the whole class and will probably go back next week. Not because I liked it, because I know I worked muscles in there I can’t work on the treadmill and probably don’t know how to work on my own.

No Bad Workouts

It did make me so sore that I feared I was not going to be able to run. Honestly, I could barely walk the first two days after the class. I gave myself the same permission as last week to repeat weeks that I knew I could do. I still wanted to try though, just to give myself a chance to push through.

I have been dreading week 5 since I looked ahead and saw that Day 3 did not have walking intervals. WTF?! How could we go from walking/running intervals to just 20 minutes of running. What couch warmer could really do that? THIS GIRL! Apparently.

I did it, but I will say I’m so happy to see that week 6 goes back to intervals. Week 7-9 do not. I didn’t really think this out before starting. My goal is not really to run a 5K, but just to get moving. I wonder if I can just do the last two weeks of the toughest intervals and still consider myself a graduate? Something to think about.

Who else crushed their workout goals this week? Do you find yourself more motivated when you are sharing with others or just doing it on your own? I would love to hear from you!




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