39 Weeks: The One Where I’m Full Term

by SimplySharpe on March 31, 2014

Why yes, it has been awhile. I can tell from the three people that read these updates that even they were bored with the format. Good thing, too, since the last picture I took was this one at 36 weeks:

Simply Sharpe 36 Week Bump

And to be honest, or “To keep it 100,” as my hubby likes to say, this is really the last picture I felt like taking. We are moving to a bigger place at the end of April and right now baby stuff is taking over our small space. The only blank wall I’ve been able to use is now too hard to get to. It’s not worth the extra effort to see the belly only slightly larger than this picture. I’m stretched to the max, and clothes just don’t feel that cute to me right now.

Now for regularly scheduled programming:

How far along? 39 weeks — FULL TERM, BABY!

Maternity clothes? Let’s talk about this… I have less than a week left to go {G-d willing} and the majority of my maternity clothing is worse for wear. We also tend to get all four seasons in one week in Atlanta, making it even more challenging to have the right things to wear at this stage. I can’t see myself spending another dollar on something I will wear for such a short period of time, so let’s all hope that no one notices how poorly these maternity clothes did in the laundry.

Stretch marks? Oh boy. So, once upon a time, I mentioned the world of BabyCenter Birth Clubs. It’s a sad, scary place where millions of pregnant women go to vent/troll/misinform each other and a few thousand go for answers/advice/support. I recently saw a thread where a girl posted a picture of her stretch marks in defiance of the bitches who had none. That girl is my hero, and I am apparently a bitch. I have the smallest, lightest lines on the outside of my waist. There are no stretch marks on my belly. I’m a horrible person for whining about them. They are nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Sleep? Not soundly, but I manage to get some crazy whacked out dreams during the night, which means I’m getting some of that deep sleep.

Best moment this week? Hmmm… this week? last week? the five weeks I skipped? They’ve all been pretty damn good. I’ve managed to get everything on my before baby to-do list done, so there is that.

I got my hospital bag ready to go:

Hospital Bag

I found this awesome idea on Pinterest to organize the diaper drawer. If you’re anything like me, you will spend forever trying to look for these nifty drawer organizers, so let me save you some time: AMAZON! Is Prime not the best thing since sliced pie?!

I promise to let you know if this lasts at some point. I picture a lot of trial and error at the changing station. (Side note: This blogger also used our top name for those who keep asking. We are going with option two, which happens to be hubby’s favorite.)

Diaper Drawer Organization


I’ve also been enjoying a lot of leisurely dates with the hubs during our last few weeks as a family of two. <3

Miss anything? Other than the ability to bend, tie my own sneakers when I want to go for a walk, shave without fear of injury, do something for longer than 30 minutes without a potty break, and sammies, nope, not one thing.

Movement? I’m going to miss this the most. You really haven’t lived until you feel tiny feet in your ribs. I love Mr. Wiggles!

Food cravings? All the food.

Nausea? Nope.

Started showing yet? Next.

Labor signs? Oh, I hope so. I have a terrible feeling I may be one of those freaks that really doesn’t have symptoms until the final moments, but I did get some very subtle cramping this weekend that I hope are practice contractions. They weren’t strong enough to disturb me, but they were new to me, so I’m hoping they were labor signs.

Belly button in or out? ROCKIN’ the INNIE – It would be cool if it pops the day before he comes though — like a turkey thermometer.

Happy or moody? Happy, but such a hater of the general public. People make me cranky. Hubby told me this weekend how lucky he is I still like him. I must be even bitchier than I realize.

Looking forward to? The moment I meet our little miracle.



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Mike Sharpe March 31, 2014 at 6:37 pm

We’re almost there baby, I love you so much!

SimplySharpe April 1, 2014 at 11:40 am

So close! Love you, too! <3

Jani September 3, 2014 at 12:25 am

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