26 Week Bumpdate

by SimplySharpe on January 5, 2014

Happy New Year friends! I know it looks like another slacker week for me since tomorrow I will be 27 weeks, but who is keeping track? This lady asked me yesterday how much longer I had, and when I told her April 7th, she said, “Oh, that’s a long way away.” Is it?! It’s just over 90 days from today. That’s only three months away. She continued to tell me that once the baby was here I would realize all the things I had not yet done. Gee thanks, lady! I think one day I will write a post about what not to say to a pregnant woman.

And now for the regularly scheduled portion of the program:

Simply Sharpe 26 Week Bump

How far along? 26 weeks {and 6 days}

Maternity clothes? Yes, and today I actually bought some cute new tops — that I hope not to whine about later — from Motherhood Maternity thanks to a very generous gift card from my MIL. They have a HUGE sale on the Pea and the Pod line if any other preggos are looking!

Stretch marks? Next question.

Sleep? Sort of. Still hate the side sleeping, but also having the craziest preggo dreams. Sometimes I share what I remember with the hubs, but I think it makes him really wonder what kind of crazy thoughts go on in my head on a regular basis. It’s the hormones honey, I SWEAR! Why else am I always running my big decisions by Jay and Beyonce?

Best moment this week? We started our registry. I’m still on the fence about a baby shower because I’m not sure I’m comfortable letting people fuss over me that much, but so much fun registering for stuff. It took us three hours and we know we left a lot off the registry. If anything, this just gives us a good list of what we need for our little love bug.

Miss anything? Not really.

Movement? Still not as much as other women. I would curse my anterior placenta again, but it is providing my babe with all his nutrients, even if it hinders my pregnancy experience. C’est la vie.

Food cravings? Still sweets. I’m praying I don’t fail my glucose test next week.

Nausea? None.

Started showing yet? It would be weird if I was not.

Labor signs? Nope.

Belly button in or out? Still an innie, and the more I stare at it, the smaller it looks these days. Of course, it is small compared to the size of my belly. ;-}

Happy or moody? I wish I could say happy all the time, but I had a pretty stressful week at work. I’m hoping for some balance this week. Namaste, please.

Looking forward to? The third trimester — I’m only a week away as of tomorrow! Time is flying!



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