24 Weeks: Welcome to Viability!

by SimplySharpe on December 16, 2013

Hands down — best Monday I’ve ever had! I wish I could start every week with a fantastic report from the doctor and seeing my little man via ultrasound. This week is a major milestone for me. Most people probably don’t know, but there is really not much medically that can be done if anything happens prior to 24 weeks of pregnancy. 24 weeks is typically what is considered a viable pregnancy. Of course, I want this half-baked nugget to keep cooking, but it’s a comfort to know if something crazy were to happen, they could try to save him now.

Let’s get to the Groundhog portion of the program…

Simply Sharpe 24 Week Bump

How far along? 24 weeks

Maternity clothes? Yes. I made the mistake of trying to pick up some more maternity items this weekend, and I’m even more convinced there is a conspiracy against curvy girls. First, why in the world is every top striped? Do we want to look wider when pregnant? I love me some stripes, but there’s a time and a place, it’s called prison. And don’t get me started on cap sleeves…so, yeah, my whole body is growing larger and wider, and some jerk thinks I want to accentuate my flabby arms? I’d like to work them out by punching said jerk in his baby maker. No way a woman designs this stuff. We know arms are sacred, except in summer when it’s so hot even if you don’t have toned arms, you deal.

Stretch marks? Palmer’s Tummy Butter and cocoa butter have become my nightly BFFs. Seriously, buy stock, this stuff may actually work.

Sleep? Pretty sure the side-sleep conundrum is teaching me how to adapt to the lack of sleep I will be getting when Baby Sharpe is born. You gotta learn somehow, right?

Best moment this week? Hearing not one, but two medical professionals at my high risk doctor tell me that this baby is perfect. Also, seeing his perfect little nose, lips and face in 3D today. TECHNOLOGY IS MIND BLOWING!

Baby Sharpe 3D Ultrasound


Isn’t he a handsome little boy?!

Miss anything? In addition to turkey sammiches, I miss sushi and coffee. Not nearly as much, but I would go to town on some sashimi if I could.

Movement? Yes, and it’s AWESOME! I finally feel him more frequently. It’s the coolest feeling in the world.

Food cravings? Oh boy. I made the mistake of buying these delicious Christmas treats from Target this weekend. I dream about them when I’m not home to eat them.

Tasty Target Chistmas Treats

Nausea? None at all.

Started showing yet? Most definitely. A client at the place I work part-time said, “Oh look, you are pregnant! I thought you were just getting fat.” She’s one of my favorites, obviously.

Labor signs? Nope.

Belly button in or out? This question stresses me out. I routinely inspect my innie for signs of something. What is in there???

Happy or moody? Try to get me down from cloud nine today. You can file that under things that are impossible.

Looking forward to? Heading home for Christmas! Normally, I would run my mouth about an 80 degree Christmas, but I can’t take the cold this year. Not sure why when I’m the most insulated I’ve ever been, but I’m ready for some good ‘ol South Florida sunshine.




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