23 Weeks: Bump Update

by SimplySharpe on December 12, 2013

I get so excited each Monday when I reach that new milestone of making it another week pregnant. Don’t ask why it takes me until Thursday to get around to writing about it. I mean, the questions are outlined for me and all, but it takes me this long to want to get out my laptop and share my joy with the world. I think I’m spoiled by the simplicity of a tablet, and I’ve yet to try blogging from my iPad. It took me until this summer to stop reading real, old school books and start using the Kindle iPad app. I guess what I’m saying is, by the time the baby is in college, I will be the Queen of iPad blog posts.

How far along? 23 weeks

Simply Sharpe 23 Week Bump

Maternity clothes? Yes. I can still wear some of my work pants/tops from before I lost weight, but they are not very comfortable. I find full panel maternity pants to be a gift from G-d after a big meal (or ice cream). Stretchy-stretch-stretch = extreme comfort.

Stretch marks? Palmer’s Tummy Butter and cocoa butter have become my nightly BFFs.

Sleep? Still the world’s suckiest side sleeper, but getting more sleep than I thought I would this far along.

Best moment this week? One night my hubby was in an adorable mood, and he was checking out my growing belly and said, “I did this to you! That’s my boy in there.” I don’t know why but it was the cutest thing to me. Pregnancy hormones do funny things to my brain.

Miss anything? How bored will you be if I keep talking about cold turkey sammiches each week? BECAUSE I MISS THEM!!! And I’m starting to miss being able to conduct my normal shower routine without fear of tipping over.

Movement? Just a little this week — damn you, anterior placenta!

Food cravings? Sweets. Whoever started that old tale about craving salty with boys and sweets with girls was a liar. Tell everyone.

Nausea? None.

Started showing yet? Um, yeah.

Labor signs? No, and I feel lucky everyday for this.

Belly button in or out? Still in. Seriously, what will come out? I don’t think there is anything in there to pop out.

Happy or moody? Happy when I am home, moody when I’m driving or dealing with stressful situations.

Looking forward to? Our doctor appointment Monday. I live for every opportunity to hear more good news about this little nugget.




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