22 Weeks: Bump Update

by SimplySharpe on December 5, 2013

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about whether or not I would join the fun and do a weekly bump update post. I’ve seen tons of these over the two years we’ve been trying to conceive, and I decided I want to document this entire experience. I was trying to hold off and not become one of those smug preggers people, but after two losses, I hardly feel capable. I feel like I deserve to celebrate every milestone after what we’ve been through. Please don’t hate me.

Simply Sharpe 22 Week Bump

These seem to be the standard questions most bloggers go with, so I will start here, but don’t blame me if I edit later on. I’m new to this game, but seems these could get repetitive for the next 3.5 months.

How far along? 22 weeks — the longest I’ve ever been pregnant!!! YAY!

Maternity clothes? Yes! They are much more comfortable for my growing belly. I will say that maternity designers clearly hate curvy girls. It is damn near impossible to find decent black work pants for non-stick figure frames. The fabrics are all cheap, yet dry clean only, and forget it if you have thighs. Le sigh.

Stretch marks? I think I see some starting. YIKES!

Sleep? Barely. Between the hourly bathroom breaks and the fact that you can’t sleep on your back, I’m up on and off all night. On a positive note, I am super tired so getting in bed early is not a problem.

Best moment this week? Not only did I finally feel his first kick, but so did my hubby! It was the single most amazing moment I have felt in my life.

Miss anything? TURKEY SAMMICHES!!! To be clear, I miss cold turkey sammiches, which if you don’t know, you have to avoid deli meat due to the possibility of listeria. Hubby is already planning my postpartum sammich feast!

Movement? YES, finally! I have an anterior placenta (this means it’s in the front), so they said it would take longer to feel him.

Food cravings? Not really, but I’m loving soup and ice cream these days — not together, thankfully.

Nausea? Only when I’m at the gym and someone is really bringing the funk.

Started showing yet? Definitely. {See above}

Labor signs? Thank G-d no!

Belly button in or out? Innies represent! I’m having a hard time picturing what my lifetime innie will look like as an outie???

Happy or moody? Mostly happy, but I live in the traffic capital of the world, which makes me feel like a crazy person. I also have a part-time job that is heavy multitasking/customer service, which doesn’t always bring out the best in a pregnant person.

Looking forward to? Our next appointment in 11 days. I can’t wait to see the little nugget again!




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The DJ December 6, 2013 at 3:52 pm

I loved feeling his first kick!

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